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Jacques Clément Coupvray

A team of cleaning specialists with top-quality references

Nowadays the company employs 9 staff members. Jacques Clément trained each member of our team in cleaning techniques and in upholding quality standards.

With our ultra-modern workshops we are able to provide a custom-made response to your specific requirements as regards furniture cleaning, anti-stain treatments or any other service that requires the intervention of an expert./p>

We maintain strict standards as regards precise costings, meticulousness, availability, punctuality and meeting deadlines.

Our clients and partners remain the best judges of our know-how.

We are always available and ready to listen to our clients and we will always try to adjust appointment times to your plans, because we know that your timetable will vary depending on whether you are a private individual, a hotel, a restaurant or a company. Punctuality is the motto of every one of the staff at our company because we know that your time is valuable.

Mobility, flexibility and responsiveness being our watchwords, we will travel anywhere in France or abroad.

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